Application Guidance

We want everyone to improve their chances of winning by presenting the strongest possible entry. Please remember that the judges might not know your business personally and they will be shortlisting on the basis of the materials you provide.

It is important, therefore, that your entry is clearly presented and easy to read, addresses the judging criteria, looks professional and conveys what it is that makes your business really special.

Before you begin to complete the entry form, why not write your ‘back story' e.g. where your business is now, how you arrived at this point, what makes you special or different to your competitors, where are you going etc. This process can be helpful and may help you to avoid reading a question in the form and then staring at a blank piece of paper waiting for the words to come! Once you have this information in front of you, answering the questions is usually easier.

1. Make it easy to read - please use a lightweight plastic 2 ring binder file (not a lever arch file) in conjunction with plastic inner sheets so each side of your application form can be seen on each side of the plastic sheet without the need for the judges to take sheets of paper out. Supporting documentation can all be included in a section at the back of the file after your application form.

2. Keep it succinct - there is a strict word count stated on the WRA application form so please only provide relevant information to make an excellent case. Judges make their decision on the quality of the evidence not its quantity.

3. Remember, judges will be looking for evidence of YOUR passion for YOUR business. A judge
can pick up an entry and quickly feel if it's there; make sure yours is!

4. Make it persuasive - don't be tempted to provide masses of supporting documentation - the judges will not have time to read through 6 menus, pages of customer feedback or every press cutting you've had over the last few months - the trick is just to select those you consider to be the best to support what you've written in your application form.

5. Pictures tell stories - we are often told that a ‘picture can count for a thousand words'. Are your images of a high quality? We don't require professional images but ensure yours are of a really good quality. Don't let them undermine your application. Again, we don't need to see lots of pages of images - 2 or 3 are sufficient.

6. Examples impress - judges are looking for where you go that ‘extra mile' in providing first-class customer service. Examples and stories which capture that special essence of your business can be very persuasive.

7. Make it look professional - complete your application and then read it, and read it again, to ensure that you have given a full, fair and honest picture of your business.

8. What do others think? - Ask colleagues/friends to read through your entry and ask them to give you honest feedback - can they feel your passion? This is a really useful exercise. It doesn't always come naturally to blow one's own trumpet and your colleagues/friends are more likely to ensure that you do!

9. Does your website truly reflect your business? As part of the judging process, and to get a feel for your business, judges will look at your web site and reviews. Judges will expect your website to be easy to navigate and for everything to be up-to-date. Please check that this is the case as early as possible as you might need to make some improvements and updates.

10. Investing in people and product - people make businesses special and judges look for businesses that support their staff and invest in them. They are also keen to see where you might have reinvested in the business to maintain/improve standards. Demonstrate how you value your staff.

11. Businesses can only enter one category plus Outstanding Customer Service.

12. Judges reserve the right (with your permission) to change the category you have entered if they feel it is more appropriate.

13. Businesses that have won a White Rose Award in the same category for several consecutive years are encouraged not to enter the same, but other categories; however consecutive annual entries are accepted

14. Judges are looking in all entries for examples of how you or your business has promoted Yorkshire as a brand.

15. Finally, ensure to put your business name on the front of the application form.

Remember, the care and attention that you put into your entry will help demonstrate the care and attention that you put into ensuring that your customers and visitors have a really great tourism experience in Yorkshire.

Should you require any guidance please don't hesitate to contact Claudine Shaw on or call 07769257383




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